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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Program

Establishing a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Program

This article presents a gap analysis for a maintenance planning and scheduling program of a typical plant. Many of the plants Doc Palmer has visited have common opportunities to improve. This gap analysis presents these areas and recommends how they should be handled. The discussion h
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Root Cause Analysis – A Complete Guide

No plant is perfect. When equipment failures occur, it is important to understand why they took place so they don’t happen again. Many times people just treat the symptom of the problem, so the equipment will fail again in the same manner. Root cause analysis attempts to understand th
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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Diesel Generators

The Value of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

The author of McGraw-Hill’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, Doc Palmer, shows how maintenance planning makes an essential contribution to maintenance success. This article illustrates the business case to explain why companies ought to do planning. It describes the essen
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Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation

Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation and Improvement

In today’s business climate, it has become apparent that a quality predictive maintenance program is not only beneficial but paramount to running a quality maintenance program. The largest hurdle to clear is how to get started and how to avoid roadblocks that could damage the program
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Overcoming the Challenges of Lean Manufacturing in the Facilities Maintenance Environment

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, maintenance professionals are tasked with improving the manpower efficiency of the maintenance operation, while rising to the task of limiting downtime and providing effective maintenance programs. Past solutions have included limiting
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Evolution to a World-Class Preventive Maintenance Facility

What comes to mind when you are asked about a preventive maintenance facility? Do you think of a Lube room where you store and handle lubricants, a service area where you fuel or fill equipment with fluids, or a specific area where PM (preventative maintenance) tasks are preformed? Ar
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Reliability Analysis: Adding Substantial Value to a Predictive Maintenance Program

Most Predictive Maintenance program’s function fairly well identifying impending equipment issues utilizing PdM technology and address them with corrective measures. However, what many programs fail to do well is the extra analysis to identify trends that help reduce or eliminate prob
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Oil Analysis Results from Primary Contamination Types

The primary source of lost revenue due to downtime of equipment is commonly a direct result of some type of contamination, be it dirt, water, product, incorrect lubricant, or some blend of any of these.  Oil analysis results can identify these contaminants, but unless you are aware of
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Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

I’ll admit it.  I am an input junky.  Any time I am looking to make a purchase, I research the potential products or services exhaustively.  User reviews, performance tests and data, specifications, consumer reports, you name it I want to read it.  While the casual observer might sugg
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Oil Monitoring to Optimize Hydraulic and Lubrication System Performance

The detrimental effects of water contamination on fluid service life and on system performance is well recognized. Water can have serious adverse effects on the physical and chemical properties of hydraulic and lubricant fluids.  The loss of crucial fluid properties, central to useful
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