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Steps to Audit and Benchmark your Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Culture

Many organizations either have the need for or have implemented the role of the Maintenance Planner Scheduler.  This is an important role in proactive maintenance cultures and properly utilized, can deliver a significant return on investment.  Yet, there are many reasons that we fail
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Taking Predictive Maintenance to the Next Level

Predictive maintenance is a term coined years ago as the means to use technology to identify a component defect in its earliest stage of degradation. Today some also call this same process condition-based maintenance (CBM). Either way it is detecting defects early. The premise behind
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Employee Engagement: Driving Your Own Success

Increasing employee engagement has become an important topic over the last several years. Businesses around the world have recognized that the measure of an employee’s engagement to the company is critical to the success or failure of their profitability. An engaged employee giv
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Managing Risk from Transformer Failures

Getting experts to agree on most things is challenging at best, and often, downright impossible. Getting transformer experts to agree might even be more challenging. Especially when it relates to transformer failures. Despite the fact that transformers have been around for nearly a ce
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Three Keys to Successfully Driving Sustainable Change and Project Success

Have you ever been the leader of a significant business change and not been able to make it stick? Most organizations feel that the key element in any project is sound project management but what about the people it is affecting? So many times two other elements are missed when it com
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Lubrication: An Exercise in Continuous Improvement

When someone ask you about your lubrication program what is your response? Do you explain lubricant selection, storage and handling, lubrication or PM frequencies, execution procedures, personal performing the tasks, documentation, or personal training?  All of these are important pro
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Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication Best Practices

Controlling maintenance and repair costs in a facility has always been a challenge for maintenance and reliability professionals.  In today’s environment, controlling costs has become critical in helping to remain competitive in your respective industry and operating an efficient faci
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Proactive Lubrication Beta Ratio

Proactive Lubrication in Practice

Several reliability studies have identified that approximately 70% of all equipment failure is attributed to lubricant contamination. What this is really telling us is that approximately 70% of all potential equipment reliability gains can be obtained with a proactive lubrication prog
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