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Preventive Maintenance Won’t Solve Your Reliability Problems

In an ideal world, rotating machinery would operate efficiently and at full-rated speed without ever failing. There would be no unplanned downtime or planned downtime in order to perform maintenance. There would, of course be no safety or environmental incidents as a result of failure
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How Technology Can Drive Reliability Improvement

This article discusses how technology can be used to drive reliability improvement using condition monitoring techniques for rotating machines. There are no silver bullets when it comes to establishing an effective maintenance program. However, there are ways to simplify the approach
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Using Root Cause Analysis to Break Away from Reactive Maintenance

Today, a world-class manufacturing organization that doesn’t have a good handle on its problems is found. Reliable data in CMMS and distributed control systems provide evidence to support problem analyses to identify and eliminate problems. Most have a root cause analysis program in p
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How to Develop a Corporate Reliability Strategy

Achieving supply chain predictability is a competitive advantage for most manufacturers. Each year, business planning models are filled with assumptions of their manufacturing network’s capability to produce and ship product as promised to their customer base. These assumptions are of
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Optimizing Your Preventive Maintenance and Repair Program

Preventive maintenance and repair optimization is a valuable process. It can be used to improve the efficient use of resources, balance program demand and increase equipment reliability. Preventive maintenance and repair programs are often under- or overdeveloped, resulting in additio
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Reactive to Condition Based-Maintenance

How to Transition from Reactive to Condition-Based Maintenance

It is well-known that performing maintenance on a condition-based maintenance or reliability-centered basis is the preferred method of plant maintenance operation. This method is the most cost-effective, safest and the objective for most organizations. But how does one begin the journ
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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Program

Establishing a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Program

This article presents a gap analysis for a maintenance planning and scheduling program of a typical plant. Many of the plants Doc Palmer has visited have common opportunities to improve. This gap analysis presents these areas and recommends how they should be handled. The discussion h
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Root Cause Analysis – A Complete Guide

No plant is perfect. When equipment failures occur, it is important to understand why they took place so they don’t happen again. Many times people just treat the symptom of the problem, so the equipment will fail again in the same manner. Root cause analysis attempts to understand th
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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Diesel Generators

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling: How to Get the Most Value

The author of McGraw-Hill’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, Doc Palmer, shows how maintenance planning makes an essential contribution to maintenance success. This article illustrates the business case to explain why companies ought to do planning. It describes the essen
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Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation

Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation and Improvement

In today’s business climate, it has become apparent that a quality predictive maintenance program is not only beneficial but paramount to running a quality maintenance program. The largest hurdle to clear is how to get started and how to avoid roadblocks that could damage the program
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